Walkern?s Magna Carta Fair and Re-Enactment at Walkern Hall


see below for details or download tickets at http://www.walkernhistorysociety.co.uk/

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Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June 2015

10am – 5pm

Walkern?s Magna Carta Fair and Re-Enactment at Walkern Hall

A fun weekend of 13th century life Watch longbow archery demonstrations by Walkern’s Company de Lanvalei archers who will be joining in with battle re-enactments. There will also be falconry displays by Raphael Falconry, and skills of arms demonstrations, plus a siege engine, courtesy of Conquest Norman Living History and Re-enactment. Have a go at archery and test your skills with a medieval war bow. Meet William de Lanvalei, King John, some real Knights Templar and the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, as you roam among the stalls and look at traditional crafts. Relax and enjoy great food and beer while listening to our roving musicians. At 11.30am on Sunday 28th, witness the ceremonial signing of a Twinning Charter between Walkern and Lanvallay by dignitaries from both communities. Parking will be available at Walkern Hall at the cost of

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Walkern Neighbourhood Planning Group

Walkern Neighbourhood Planning Group (WNPG)

We now have our own website:


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Neighbourhood Planning Group

Walkern Neighbourhood Planning Group (WNPG)


Walkern people planning for the future of our community
by building on our history and preserving our
unique village character

Who are we?
WNPG is an open group of Walkern Parish residents and volunteers working alongside the Walkern Parish Council in response to the opportunity to create a neighbourhood plan.

Why do we exist?
Recent legislation, namely, the Localism Act, requires local Councils to support the formation of neighbourhood plans. These plans are devised at a local level to allow local people to get the right type of development for their community. In most cases we will be expected to create neighbourhood plans which will take into account the local council?s assessment of housing and other development needs in the area including infrastructure demands such as traffic, parking, water, sewage, schools, businesses, environmental etc .
In the case of Walkern, we have been asked to build at least 47 houses within an agreed ?designated area? to meet growing housing needs across the East Herts district.
If Walkern residents do not take the opportunity to develop a neighbourhood plan then any residential or commercial development will happen without our input; we will not have a say in what happens; our needs, and or opinions, will not be taken into account when future development, growth and change is imposed.

Why are we developing a Neighbourhood Plan?
Many, if not most, Walkern residents are concerned that indiscriminate building will take place in the future across the Parish. Recent proposals demonstrate that external organisations do not appear to understand the impact on the village of over development in relation to our infrastructure such as traffic, road capacity, school facilitates and general quality of life. Ensuring that our village retains all its rural characteristics whilst creating a community that meets the needs of young and old now and in the future is fundamental to the successful development of our neighbourhood plan.

How are we communicating?
WNPG meet regularly in the Walkern Sports and Community Centre and our aim is to consult with all Walkern Parish residents, in a variety of ways, to ensure we develop a plan that truly meets the majority led needs and wishes of Walkern parish residents.
As at October 2014, WNPG has agreed to develop a questionnaire which will be delivered to all households within the parish to gain the views of residents on current and future household requirements, and to include business, social, transport and population growth needs for Walkern over the next 7-10 years. The survey will be available on line and in hard copy format to ensure the widest possible response.
WNPG are communicating with residents through the Walkern Parish magazine, Walkern.net and we will be attending various group forums, for example, the Youth Club, Walkern History Society, Over 60?s Club, businesses and others, to capture the views and wishes of a wide range of residents. We also update the local notice boards after each meeting to communicate what is happening and what has been agreed.

When will we be gathering our evidence for the plan?
WNPG will be sending out a questionnaire/survey to all households in the Parish and we would urge you to complete this as fully as possible in order you can have your say on how the village grows over the coming years.
Once we have the completed surveys, the results will be analysed and form the basis of the Neighborhood plan which we will submit to East Herts for examination. Part of this process will require East Herts District Council to administer a Walkern Parish referendum relating to adoption of the plan by residents. At this stage we require over 50% agreement (in the form of ?YES? votes) from the Parish to ensure our plan can be endorsed and become a legal document.

What can you do?
Keep informed ? look at Walkern.net, the Parish Magazine and/or local notice boards.
Please take time to complete the questionnaire as completely as possible? either the hard copy or on-line at Walkern.net
Join the WNPG ? all are welcome. At the moment we are a small but active group with a range of skills and expertise. Our remit is to represent the village and ensure your views, opinions and ideas are incorporated into a robust, workable and credible neighbourhood plan.
Below are our main contact points – feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas and we will aim to respond to all you queries and to incorporate all your ideas.

The next step ? Village Questionnaire
Soon you will receive a questionnaire that has been put together by the Walkern Neighbourhood Planning Group. This questionnaire forms a vital part of the plan. Without it there will not be one and we need a 51% response rate from the village of completed questionnaires before we can move to the next stage of creating our plan which will then be submitted to East Herts District Council Planning Office.

This questionnaire will be your chance to have your say.

Please look out for your questionnaire and complete it as soon as possible. There will be a drop in box in Walkern Village Stores for completed questionnaires, or you will also have the opportunity to complete it by an on-line link.

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Neighbourhood Plan Committee

The date of the next meeting is 7:30pm on Thursday 20th November 2014 at Walkern Sports and Community Centre

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Neighbourhood Plan

Walkern Neighbourhood Plan Update

August 2014

Pauline Kellett

Walkern Neighbourhood Plan Group met for the third time in August.
Please note the name of the group is now agreed as above and will be used in all documentation in the future.
Contact has been made with the East Herts Planning Office and a planning officer has been able to provide support and advice, and will continue to do so as long as it is needed. This has already proved to be very helpful.
The outstanding action is to get the actual Neighbourhood Plan area agreed and an application is being submitted to request that the actual Parish Boundary be the Neighbourhood Plan area ? seems rather obvious but we have to be particular.
Investigations are also underway to see what funding can be found to assist with the costs of producing our plan. Grants are available and will be applied for accordingly.
The group is also requesting that East Herts District Council undertake a Housing Needs Survey in Walkern. This will involve a questionnaire being sent to every household in the village. We are not sure when this might take place but it will provide very useful information as to the current housing requirements of Walkern residents and important background information for the Plan. We would really appreciate as many people as possible completing and returning the questionnaire when it drops through your letterboxes.
Communication with all residents and businesses in Walkern is critical in order to keep people updated on progress but also for gathering ideas, information and people?s thoughts and views.
As well as regular articles in the Walkern Journal, notices will go up on the noticeboards and posts will be put on the Walkern website ? www.walkern.net

The next meeting for the Neighbourhood Plan Group is scheduled for 18th September.

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Article on Magna Fest in Herts Mercury!!!

Music festival at Walkern pub will raise awareness of Magna Carta

Sara Geek, Herts Mercury, 12 August 2014

Bands are gearing up to play a music festival at a Walkern pub that will raise awareness of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

MagnaFest will run at The White Lion from Friday (August 15) to Sunday (August 17) and will also raise funds for the village’s celebrations of the signing of the document next year….

Read more at www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/Music-festival-Walkern-pub-raise-awareness-Magna

Magna Fest flyer

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Walkern & Magna Carta in Herts Mercury

The Herts Mercury is running a report on Walkern and our Magna Carta celebrations in today’s edition. It can also be read online at…
For more information, see ‘Walkern & Magna Carta’ at www.walkernhistorysociety.co.uk
Magna Fest flyer
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Wine Tasting on 13th June

Wine Tasting ticket image

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Photos from Walkern fair

Click below for photos from this year’s Walkern Fair

Team Spirit (John Pink)

Team Spirit (John Pink)

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Time for a revamp…

Walkern.net is under going a long over due revamp… we will be rearranging and organising things in an attempt to make them easier to find as well as making the website mobile friendly.

The Walkern Sports and Community Centre now has its own website which we have linked to from here, please visit it to enquire about bookings, events and party hire.


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