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Walkern Neighbourhood Plan Update

August 2014

Pauline Kellett

Walkern Neighbourhood Plan Group met for the third time in August.
Please note the name of the group is now agreed as above and will be used in all documentation in the future.
Contact has been made with the East Herts Planning Office and a planning officer has been able to provide support and advice, and will continue to do so as long as it is needed. This has already proved to be very helpful.
The outstanding action is to get the actual Neighbourhood Plan area agreed and an application is being submitted to request that the actual Parish Boundary be the Neighbourhood Plan area ? seems rather obvious but we have to be particular.
Investigations are also underway to see what funding can be found to assist with the costs of producing our plan. Grants are available and will be applied for accordingly.
The group is also requesting that East Herts District Council undertake a Housing Needs Survey in Walkern. This will involve a questionnaire being sent to every household in the village. We are not sure when this might take place but it will provide very useful information as to the current housing requirements of Walkern residents and important background information for the Plan. We would really appreciate as many people as possible completing and returning the questionnaire when it drops through your letterboxes.
Communication with all residents and businesses in Walkern is critical in order to keep people updated on progress but also for gathering ideas, information and people?s thoughts and views.
As well as regular articles in the Walkern Journal, notices will go up on the noticeboards and posts will be put on the Walkern website ?

The next meeting for the Neighbourhood Plan Group is scheduled for 18th September.

Walkern Construction

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  • Full Project Management / Maintenance
  • Groundwork / Building
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